Multilingual UW-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a multilingual university! Click on the names below to learn about the diverse ways that language intersects with the teaching, research, and professional and personal identities of different members of the UW-Madison community Many thanks to our colleagues and students for sharing their stories.

We also recommend that you check out the Multilingualism and Education in Wisconsin website created by UW-Madison student Claire Darmstadter!

Adeola Agoke

Credentials: Languages: English, Yoruba, Pidgin English

Position title: Teaching Faculty and Director of the African Language Program, Department of African Cultural Studies

Krzysztof Borowski

Credentials: Languages: Polish, English, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Italian, Russian, some Spanish

Position title: Lecturer in Slavic, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+

Chen Chen

Credentials: Languages: English, German, Mandarin

Position title: Graduate Student in German

Maxwell Chibuogwu

Credentials: Languages: Ika, English, Nigerian pidgin

Position title: PhD Student in Plant Pathology

Molly Donnellan

Credentials: Languages: French and English

Position title: Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor, International Studies Major

Sara Donoso

Credentials: Languages: English and Spanish

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Psychology

Thomas Dubois

Credentials: Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, and Sámi. Competence in other Nordic and European languages

Position title: Professor of Nordic Studies, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+

Eren Fukuda

Credentials: Languages: Japanese (first language) and English (second language)

Position title: PhD Student in Psychology

José Luis Garrido Rivera

Credentials: Languages: Spanish, English, and French

Position title: PhD Student in Second Language Acquisition

Jihyo Ha

Credentials: Languages: Korean, English

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Chemical Engineering

Arjun Iyer

Credentials: Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi and Marathi

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Computer Sciences and Statistics; Certificate in Mathematics

Sourabh Kenjale

Credentials: Languages: Marathi, English, and Hindi

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Computer Sciences

Thitipong Lawphongpanich

Credentials: Languages: Thai, English

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Computer Engineering

Lena Lee

Credentials: Languages: Hmong, English

Position title: Graduate Student, Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Brian D. McInnes / Waabishkimakwa

Credentials: Languages: Ojibwe, Potawatomi, English

Position title: Professor, Nonprofits and Philanthropy

Scott Mellor

Credentials: Languages: English and Swedish (and others)

Position title: Distinguished Teaching Faculty, Department of German, Nordic, and Slavic+

Diep Nguyen

Credentials: Languages: Vietnamese, English, Spanish, and French

Position title: Director of Educator Learning, Research, and Practice, WIDA

Dan Pell

Credentials: Languages: English, French, Mandarin, (and little bit of a dozen or so others)

Position title: Teaching and Learning Consultant, Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring

Nilvio Alexander Punguil Bravo

Credentials: Languages: Spanish, English; a bit of French and Quechua

Position title: Graduate student, Department of Civil Society and Community Research; School of Human Ecology

Diego X Román

Credentials: Languages: Spanish and English

Position title: Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Eve Runquist

Credentials: Languages: English, Japanese, and French

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Japanese and East Asian Studies; Certificate in Environmental Studies

Jenny Saffran

Credentials: Languages: English, some French and Italian

Position title: Professor, Department of Psychology

Csanád Siklós

Credentials: Languages: (British) English, Hungarian, German, Norwegian

Position title: Associate Director, Institute for Regional and International Studies National Resource Center

Jelena Todorovic

Credentials: Languages: Serbo-Croatian, English, Italian (fluent in these three), French, Spanish, Russian, Latin, Old Occitan (reading proficiency). I also speak the local dialect of my hometown in south Serbia, Leskovac.

Position title: Associate Professor of Italian, Department of French and Italian

Haoyan (Ken) Wang

Credentials: Languages: Mandarin, English, German

Position title: Undergraduate Student in Political Science, International Studies, and Journalism; Graduate Student in Accelerated Master of International Public Affairs

Anja Wanner

Credentials: Languages: German, English, some French and Latin

Position title: Professor, Department of English

Cuixia Zhu

Credentials: Languages: Mandarin, English

Position title: Program Manager for Master of Science in Financial Economics.

Tobin Zolkowski

Credentials: Language: American Sign Language

Position title: Graduate Student in Information Sciences

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